High precision machining

for small metal parts machined and grinded



    Mitor S.r.l. was founded in 1976 in Milan, and in 1987 it moved to the headquarters in Zibido San Giacono where there are currently two production units in place.

    It’s in this vein that the company has been able to adapt itself to the demands of a varied clientele by developing a flexible structure, which is able to cater for the wide-ranging sectors of the industry, but always with a preference for high quality productions over those with a high technical content.

    The niche market of highly accurate mechanical sub-suppliers has led us to choose those parts which, due to the kind of materials required and their resistance level, need a supplier which works on qualitive rather than on economical grounds.

    An updated and constantly renewed machine stock for any kind of lathing, grinding or milling work of any hardened or unfinished metal, in small, medium and large quantities.


    Mitor S.r.l. has invested significantly in equipment and machinery of the highest quality, which are able to satisfy the most diverse of our customers’ demands and expectations.

    As well as the normal lathing work carried out with both single and multispindle lathes, double turret and robotised lathes with numerical control, the company also has transfer and traditional milling machines, as well as centreless and flat grinders.

    We can also carry out tumble finishing, abrasive blasting, as well as thermic and galvanic treatments.


    Mitor’s quality assurance allows us to have effective control over the standard of our work and therefore we are able to meet customers’ requests every time.

    Our quality assurance is characterised by the use and the application of FMEA studies and systematic use of SPC stations.